10 reasons that affect the quality of glass bottles

Let me tell you about the process of producing glass bottles. First, we must design, determine and manufacture the mold. The glass raw material is made of quartz sand (property: silicate mineral) as the main raw material, and other auxiliary materials are melted into liquid at high temperature, and then injected The mold is cooled, cut, and tempered to form a glass bottle. Glass bottles generally have rigid signs, and signs are also made of mold shapes. According to the manufacturing method, the molding of glass bottles can be divided into three types: manual blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion molding.


      1. glass material bottle cracks 
Cracks are the most common disadvantage of glass bottles. It may be very thin, and some can only be found in reflected light. Frequently produced parts are the bottle mouth, neck and shoulders, and cracks often occur on the bottle body and bottom.
  2. the glass bottle has uneven thickness  
This refers to the uneven distribution of glass on the glass bottle. The main reason is that the temperature of the glass gob is uneven, the part with high temperature has low viscosity and is easy to blow thin; the part with low temperature has large resistance and is thicker. The temperature of the model is uneven. The glass on the higher temperature side cools slowly and is easy to blow thinly, and the lower temperature side is blown thick because the glass cools quickly.
  3. the glass bottle is deformed 
The gob temperature and action temperature are too high, and the bottle ejected from the forming die has not been completely shaped, and tends to collapse and deform. Sometimes the bottom of the bottle is still soft and the marks of the conveyor belt will be printed on the bottom of the bottle to make the bottom uneven.
   4. the glass bottle is not full  
If the gob temperature is too low or the model is too cold, the mouth, shoulders, etc. will not be fully blown, resulting in defects such as gaps, shrunken shoulders and unclear patterns. Glass bottle my country's traditional beverage packaging container, glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace.
   5. glass bottle cold spot 
The uneven spots on the glass surface are called cold spots. The main reason for this kind of defect is that the temperature of the model is too cold, which usually occurs when the production is started or when the production is stopped.
   6.  Glass bottle protrusions 
A defect in which the seam line of the glass bottle protrudes or the edge of the mouth protrudes outward. This is caused by the incorrect manufacturing of the model parts or the insufficient fitting. The model is damaged, there is dirt on the joint surface, the glass frit has fallen into the preliminary mold before the top core is lifted too late, and a part of the glass will be pressed or blown out of the gap.
   7. glass bottle wrinkles  
Wrinkles come in various shapes, some are creases, and some are very fine wrinkles in pieces. The main cause of wrinkles is that the gob is too cold, the gob is too long, and the gob does not fall in the middle of the preliminary mold and sticks to the cavity wall.
   8. Glass bottle surface defects
The surface of the glass bottle is hairy and uneven, which is mainly caused by the uneven surface of the mold cavity. The model's lubricating oil is not clean or the oiled brush is too dirty, which will also reduce the surface quality of the glass bottle.
   9. glass bottle bubbles  
The bubbles produced in the forming process are often several large bubbles or several small bubbles concentrated together, which is different from the uniformly distributed small bubbles of the glass itself.
  10. glass bottle scissors printed  
Obvious marks remain on the bottle due to poor cutting. A gob often has two scissor prints, and the scissor print on the top is left at the bottom, affecting the appearance.


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