Application of Used Glass in Glass Bottle/Jar Production

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What is used glass?

The used glasses is referred to unusable glass packaging, discarded building materials and daily glass. Such as discarded beverage bottles, cannning jars, liquor bottles, etc.

Why used glass is needed in the production of glass bottles?

The production of glass bottles is one of the more energy-consuming packaging commodities, and it is very valuable to recover and use. How to recycle glass packaging more reasonably is a hot topic for domestic and foreign research.


Adding an appropriate amount of cullet to the raw materials is helpful to the manufacture of glass, because cullet can be melted at a lower humidity than other raw materials. Because the recycling of glass bottles requires less heat, and the furnace body wear can also be reduced。


The specific process is to pre-process the recovered glass bottles, such as starting sorting, cleaning, and sorting by color.


Studies have shown that in the manufacture of glass bottles, mixing about 30% of cullet is the most appropriate, so it can also increase the utilization rate of recycled glass and enhance environmental protection.
At present, most glass bottle factories use 20% cullet in the process of manufacturing glass bottles to promote melting and optimal mixing with raw materials such as quartz sand, feldspar and alkali.


Of course, the content of broken glass will affect the production cost, material color and price of the glass bottle.

The points:

(1) Choose accurately to remove impurities
It is necessary to remove impurities such as metal and ceramics in the recovery of glass bottles. This is because glass container manufacturers need to use high-purity materials. For example, metal lids in the cullet may constitute oxides that disturb the operation of the furnace; ceramics and other foreign substances constitute a shortcoming in the production of containers.

(2) Color selection
Recovering the use of color is also a question. Since colored glass cannot be used in the production of colorless flint glass, and only 10% of green or flint glass is allowed to be used in the production of amber glass, it is necessary to use labor or machine to color the spent broken glass. select. If the broken glass is not directly used for color selection, it can only be used to produce light green glass containers.

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