How do Foaming Pump Works? Foaming soap Dispenser!

Loving a foaming pump bottle? But do you know how the pump works? Let's learn more!


The principle of pressing the shampoo out of the bottle: using atmospheric pressure.

When using, first press to discharge the air in the reservoir (that is, the plastic tube that can absorb the shampoo).

When the air is exhausted, press the pump head again.

After letting go, the spring in the pump head will Restore the original state, then a vacuum will be formed in the liquid storage chamber, and negative pressure will be generated.

At this time, the pressure in the container is consistent with the atmospheric pressure, then the pressure in the liquid storage chamber is low and the pressure in the container is high.

At this time, Due to the pressure difference, the atmosphere will press the liquid around the mouth of the liquid reservoir into the liquid reservoir, and the shampoo will be squeezed out.


Because hand sanitizer contains a lot of chemical ingredients, after washing your hands with it, your skin is prone to drier.

But if you DIY at home, these problems will not occur.

Every family has leftover soap heads.

Most people put it on a new piece of soap, so of course the best use is made without waste. However, there is a fashionable and economical way to turn soapy head into hand sanitizer.

After cutting the concentrated soap heads into filaments with a knife, put them in a waste iron can box, add a small amount of water and heat them on the stove. The soap can melt and turn off the fire.

After the soapy water cools, add a little white vinegar to make the hand sanitizer more effective.

Finally, add a few drops of glycerin or essential oil to the finished hand sanitizer, so that the hand sanitizer has a skin care effect. After stirring evenly, put it into an empty bottle of suction hand sanitizer or body wash for later use. The fashionable and individual household "hand sanitizer" not only increases the interest of life, but also saves expenses.

One or two bottles of hand soap can be made from soap with a large thumb . It is worth noting that the shelf life of homemade hand sanitizer is relatively short, and it is best to make it once every two to three months.

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