How many functions do your spray bottle have?

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1. For people working in the office, due to air conditioning, the air is very dry, and moisturizing becomes a major demand. At this time, they can use a small spray bottle to fill with toner or moisturizing spray, and spray it when the skin feels dry. Dry air in autumn and winter can also be sprayed. If you spray it on your face, it must be patted to absorb it. At the same time, the surrounding air will be humidified to reduce water evaporation.

2. In summer, there are many mosquitoes and small insects. It is very annoying to be bitten accidentally. At this time, you can spray some toilet water to stop itching.

3. Often like to go out, go to the beach to play in the water, go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, the skin will be exposed to the sun. The skin after sun exposure usually has a burning sensation or even a tingling sensation. At this time, spraying the spray on the face can relieve the pain. The anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients can repair the damage caused by the sun. The small spray bottle can contain various liquids, such as perfume, toner, toner, moisturizing spray, nutrient water for spraying hair, toilet water and so on.

Spray bottle usage

Help remove makeup: spray water on the face, combined with makeup remover products, can definitely enhance the effectiveness of cleansing, is also very good for the skin.

Natural makeup setting: After putting on makeup, spray some spray, the makeup setting effect is absolutely natural Elimination of swelling: For MM whose face is prone to swelling in the morning, spray is absolutely effective for soothing and calming.

In addition, spray can also be used to relieve the swelling and pain of cheeks caused by heat, which can help the cheeks to reduce swelling as soon as possible.

Baby cleaning: It is safe and effective to clean small hands or relieve baby's small skin.

Postoperative sedation-anti-inflammation to avoid infection: now girls are worried about what they can use to clean after minor skin surgery. Choose sprays with safe ingredients that will not cause infection and can relieve some of your skin discomfort after surgery.

Refreshing and refreshing: Comrades who have the habit of taking a nap always feel groggy after waking up. It is difficult to wake up all at once. You might as well spray yourself with a spray to keep your skin immediately awake and moisturize your skin.

Spray to change water film: First aid to dry your skin. Use a cotton sheet to completely soak the spring spray, tear it into thin slices, and apply it on your face to easily make a water film on your face. It is also the SOS replenishment emergency method that MM must learn in the dry season.

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