How to Choose the Right Glass Packaging Supplier?

How to Choose the Right Bottle Supplier

When bringing bottled products to the market, the type of bottle you choose and the bottle supplier you work with can have a significant impact on your profits. Please read your requirements and specifications list carefully to find a suitable design for your product and a supplier that can best meet your production needs.

Step 1: Determine the design of the bottle
By checking the types of bottles used by competitors, you can get a good idea of ​​the direction of use of packaging bottles. Ultimately, the correct bottle design needs to consider several factors, such as the size and shape of the bottle, and select it according to the conditions that meet your unique needs.

Step 2: Evaluate potential suppliers and identify quality partners
Choosing a bottle supplier can be challenging because it is not always possible to visit the locations of all potential partners and communicate face-to-face with their teams. However, by obtaining the answers to the following questions, you can better understand whether the company is suitable for your products and production needs:
1. How long have they been in business?
2. Do they have a comprehensive professional website?
3. What are their prices?
4. Do they have stock?
5. Where are they?
6. How much is the transportation cost?
7. What is their standard delivery time?
8. Do they have a return policy?
9. Do they provide product samples?

(You can see our FAQ or contact us to learn more details! )

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Step 3: Find value-added services
Ideal partners usually provide more than just the manufacture or supply of bottles. They may also provide other services to facilitate the delivery of ready-to-use bottles.

We provide a variety of decoration and other value-added services to help meet the needs of various bottled products, including:
screen printing
Silk screen bottle service Our customized screen printing service can accommodate glass bottles up to 1 gallon. We offer single-color, multi-color and half-tone silk screen printing to provide a polished and professional appearance to the bottle at an affordable price.

Our Pantone Matching System allows us to accurately identify and reproduce the colors in the desired design.

Pressure sensitive label
For packaging designs that are both economical and profitable, pressure-sensitive labels are a good choice. We have all the necessary equipment to apply high-quality labels to make your bottles stand out on the shelf.

Interior graphic design
Although many bottle suppliers outsource graphic design to third-party companies, our staff are professional graphic designers. Our in-house design team can help you update your current packaging design or, if you wish, can help you design a brand new packaging from scratch. Since our art department accepts almost any file type compatible with Windows or Mac OS, it is easy to submit artwork for evaluation and production. We also provide:

—Internal Logistics Department
—Assembly Service
—Customized design and mold
Work with us to provide high-quality bottle solutions

We provided five generations of high-quality products and services to the packaging market. From the supply of bottles, bottle caps, sprayers or accessories to graphic design to logistics support, we are a full range of bottle suppliers facing global customers. By working with us to meet your bottle needs, you will benefit from our products.

—Partnership with well-known bottled suppliers
Decades of experience and professional sales staff
Large product inventory
A wide range of value-added services, including container decoration
Whether you need skills in bottle types and materials, or you want guidance on creating custom graphic designs for your products, our team can help you. To learn more about our bottling services and how we can help complete your next project, please request a quote now.


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WETROYES® is designed to make packaging easy for our customers. We can find it, design it, source it, make it, ship it, store it, and more.

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