How to Seal your Glass Bottle?

Love using your glass bottle but do not know how to seal it?

Today, we'll introduce a perfect way to seal your glass bottles!



Bottle Sealing Liner

What do we need?

1. Portable Handheld Induction Sealer

Portable Handheld Induction Sealer Bottle Cap Sealer works by applying instant high heat to the foil that needs to be melted in order to seal the bottle. It seals the aluminum foil in a matter of seconds to seal plastic /glass (and other non-metallic) bottles and preserve and protect whatever is stored inside.

Other features of the cap sealer include an automatic counting function for quantity control, automatic power-off when left unused for more than 15 minutes, easy touch screen control, and its portable, light-weight design is perfect for industrial sealing in a limited space. It can seal bottles with various cap sizes from 15mm -100mm.


2. Foam Foil Heat Induction Liner

Induction sealing, also known as cap sealing, is a technique of airtight sealing a liner to the top of a plastic/glass container by utilizing heat produced by an electromagnetic induction device. This method provides evidence of tampering or theft, prevents leaks, and preserves freshness!

And remember, special induction seal liner needed for glass bottles. We have plain, reticular and tree patern. You can choose the one you like.

Foil Foam Heat Induction Liner

How to do it? 

1. pick up a correct size for foil aluminum heat induction liner

2. put the heat induction liner into a plastic cap( foil aluminum side outside)

3.  screw tight the lid

4. set the induction sealer and done! 

How to custom the perfect size? 

How to custom a perfect size of heat induction liner based on your bottle& Cap? 



Where to use it? 

Any suggestion for a matching glass bottle? Of course, try it on your amber boston round glass bottle series

A easy and healthy way perfect for your pills, drinks,  beverages such as kombucha.


boston round glass bottle
16oz boston round glass bottle

ROMATHERAPY FRIENDLY: Amber glass provides UV protection for all your essential oil applications. Also great for DIY household use.

CAPACITY: 16 ounces = 2 cups = 475 milliliters; SIZE: Standard Boston round 6.7 inches tall x 3 inches diameter; neck size 28-400

SAFE: Glass bottles are microwave safe and dishwasher safe; hand wash lids for best results

ECO-FRIENDLY: Glass is reusable, sturdy and recyclable, and safest for storage of chemicals, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide 16oz brown glass bottles, with Black Lids, which can meet all your needs to take toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, perfume, essential oils, body & hand cream, lotion and other cosmetics liquids.

 Food safe: 100% BPA free.The Sleek design 16 Oz Boston Round bottle is dishwasher safe and reusable, with features of safe material, and leak-free to use.Food safe: 100%

BPA free.The  16 Oz Boston Round bottle is dishwasher safe and reusable, with features of safe material, and leak-free to use. It is applicable to school laboratory and medical field. Solid glass material, with corrosion resistance, can store high concentration of solvents.

16oz amber boston
16oz amber boston 2
16oz amber boston 3

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Post time: Mar-11-2021