Why swing top bottle? Best choice for your beverage!

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swing too lid

Swing top bottle get its name that it comes with a metal clip lid/swing top lid.

These lids features excellent airtight function and are ideal for storing hand-pressed juices, thanks to their rustic design and traditional clasp ceramic stopper.


Our classic reusable swing top bottles are constructed from clear, durable, food-grade, dishwasher-safe glass.

The swing top bottles are available in a variety of styles, including flask,faceted sides, and tapered rounds and squares.

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Quick Answer: Why Swing top Bottles? How are they featured?


DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Flip-top bottles are made from thick and durable glass for optimum resistance to impact and temperature changes. Cap is made from premium quality polypropylene and wire cap is made from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.


LEAKPROOF & AIR TIGHT CAP: The resealable cap makes sure the contents inside stay fresh as the day you stored it. Leak proof lid of brewing bottles creates an airtight barrier which keeps the beverages sealed and prevents carbonation and fermentation.

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WIDE USES: Glass bottle with stopper can be used to store everything from juices, vinegar, beverages and water to oils, kefir, kombucha, beer, milk, syrups and much more. With a larger bottle capacity, you will have plenty to serve at the next party.

SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Swing top bottles are BPA free and do not contain any toxins, chemical, phthalates and lead, making them a safer option than plastic bottles. By using these reusable glass bottles, you can cut down the use of plastic in your house.

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And among these bottles, we gonna learn about one big size swing top bottle.

1000ml Swing Top Glass Beverage Bottle

1-liter designs are also available in brilliant colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, and gray.

The swing top closures feature a sturdy zinc-coated steel wire bale and a white plastic cap with a red rubber gasket that forms an airtight hermetic seal.

This line is an ideal storage solution for water, tea, liquor, sauce, vinegar, mixers, maple syrup, infused oils, extracts, fresh juices, vinaigrettes and more.

The smooth, sturdy glass is easy to label. Storage capacity ranges from 4.25 ounces up to 1 liter, offering a variety of sizing solutions for your product line.

EASY CLEAN & RESEALABLE CAPS: Our flip top caps with  stainless steel and thick silicone gaskets are easy to remove for cleaning, and simple to reattach for reusing.

SAFELY PACKAGING: Each set is safely packaged in bubble wrap sleeves to prevent breakage while shipping.

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