What’s the advantage of glass bottles?

Glass packaging materials and containers have many advantages:
1. The glass material has good barrier properties, which can prevent oxygen and other gases from attacking the contents, and at the same time prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing into the atmosphere;
2. The glass material bottle can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the packaging cost;
3. The glass material can easily change the color and transparency;
4. The glass bottle is safe and sanitary, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and is suitable for packaging acidic substances (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.);
5. In addition, because glass bottles are suitable for the production of automatic filling production lines, the development of domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment is also relatively mature, and the use of glass bottles to package fruit and vegetable juice beverages has certain production advantages in China. Glass bottle my country's traditional beverage packaging container, glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace.


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Soda-lime glass is made of quartz sand (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone (CaCO3), feldspar, etc. as the main raw materials. It is melted at 1550~1600℃, molded, and quickly cooled to produce amorphous amorphous Solid materials. Its chemical composition is very complex, mainly SiO2 (content about 72%), Na2O (content about 15%) and CaO (content about 9%), and a small amount of Al2O3, MgO, K2O, etc. This glass is also called soda glass or soda lime glass. Soda glass usually contains more impurities, such as iron impurities, so ordinary glass often has a light green color. Soda glass is low in cost, so it is widely used in construction and daily glass products. The door and window glass we usually use are mostly soda glass or deep processed products of soda glass. Different from ceramics, ordinary glass is a homogeneous and isotropic material with an amorphous amorphous body. In addition to the soda glass we most commonly see in life, there are other types of glass. Such as:

(1) Potassium glass Potassium glass is made by replacing part of sodium oxide in soda glass with potassium oxide and appropriately increasing the silicon oxide content in the glass. It has high hardness and good gloss, and is also called hard glass. Potassium glass is mostly used in the manufacture of chemical instruments, utensils and advanced glass products.

(2) Lead glass Lead glass is also called weight glass, lead crystal glass or crystal glass. By adding about 24% of lead oxide PbO to ordinary glass, lead glass is made. This kind of glass has a high specific gravity (heavy to the touch), a large refractive index (the multicolored six colors that can transmit the spectrum), and high hardness (abrasion resistance). It is an ideal material for making high-end utensils, decorations and handicrafts.

(3) Quartz glass Quartz glass is made of silicon oxide with high purity, which has good high temperature resistance, thermal stability and optical properties, as well as good chemical stability. Commonly used to manufacture optical instruments and chemical instruments. In addition, there are many kinds of glass, such as boron glass...

About this hot sale beverage bottle:

Beautiful, Modern Glass Jars Set - These 16-ounce glass jars are a great, fun, and healthy way to drink beverages such as kombucha, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, detox water, and infused-waters and are the perfect canvas for adorning with decorations for arts and crafts.
Great for Beverages - These bottles are excellent for serving and displaying freshly-made smoothies, cold coffee, iced tea, milkshakes, cold-pressed juices; the milk bottles are even great for bottling cow's milk and nut milk. Infuse and process beverages for second fermentation with fruits, spices, and herbs flavorings in these glass jars for custom-flavored kombucha, artisanal juices, and vitamin and nutrient-packed teas.
Great for Storage - The glass jars have an airtight seal lid to prolong the shelf-life of contents and a crystal clear finish for easy visibility, allowing you to know what’s inside and to check progress on fermentation.
Full-Width Mouth - These jars have straight walls all around-no tapering as you get closer to the opening-for a modern, full-width mouth that is convenient for filling the jar with hefty fruits and veggies, while also making it easy to eat right out of the can with a spoon. The jar’s wide opening also allows for trouble-free cleaning with a bottle brush.
Quality of the Glass - Made of high-quality, durable, crack and shatter-proof soda-lime glass. The jars are food-safe and lead-free for healthy, non-toxic drinking. The jars are also dishwasher safe for your convenience. Dimensions: 6.3/4" H 2.3/4" W 2.1/4" mouth 16 Ounce Capacity

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