Why need roll on bottles for essential oil?

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10 ml Cobalt Blue Glass Roll on Bottles, Essential Oil Roller Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls

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★Superior Quality: These bottles are made of a thick, sturdy-feeling cobalt blue glass which can be washed and reused when empty. Being the color blue, they protect the oils from outside elements and damaging sunlight so the oils don't lose their efficiency as quickly.

★Convenience: These 10 ml roll-on bottles are the perfect size to make it easy to take your roll-ons with you. This pack contains 8 roller bottles allowing you to make the roll-ons of your choice using your favorite Essential Oils and Carrier Oil. Put it in your purse, your pocket, or in a desk drawer at work. This small bottle will not take up much room, but will have your oils ready to use whenever you need it.

★Stainless steel roll balls: The roller balls are all stainless steel, they roll smoothly without getting "stuck" and they seal securely with the bottle mouth so there is no leakage.

★All tools prepared: 2 Extra Roller Balls, 1 Bottle Opener, 1 Funnel, 3 3ml Droppers, 12 Pieces Labels, with all the tools included, can help you jump right into enjoying your roller blends.

To get the stainless steel ball roll more smoothly,please kindly try the following:

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10ml-cobalt-blue-roller-bottle (2)
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cobalt-roll-on-bottle (5)
cobalt-roll-on-bottle (4)
cobalt-roll-on-bottle (2)

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Post time: Oct-29-2020