• Top-rated Glass Vodka Bottle
    Post time: 07-06-2020

    What Is Vodka? What's the Difference Between Vodka and Gin? Vodka is a distilled spirit made most commonly from grains or potatoes. Traditionally, the clear liquor is famous...Read more »

  • Glass Recycling: Creating No Additional Waste
    Post time: 06-29-2020

    Glass is made from all-natural sustainable raw materials. It is the preferred packaging for consumers’ concerned about their health and the environment. Consumers prefer glass packaging for preserving a product’s taste or fl...Read more »

  • The Right Way to Make Homemade Glass Cleaner
    Post time: 06-22-2020

    Vinegar Is Miracle Ingredient Make your own glass cleaner from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. You don't have to spend big bucks on a cleaner that may have chemicals you don't li...Read more »

  • How to Open a Difficult Jar
    Post time: 06-15-2020

    transfering from WIKIHOW There’s nothing worse than being hungry and having a jar of food you can’t open. Whether the lid is stuck on your pickles, or you can’t get into the peanut butter, don’t stress ou...Read more »

  • How to Make Scented Cleaning Vinegars Step By Step
    Post time: 06-08-2020

    Vinegar is one of the best natural solutions on the planet, but most people don’t love the smell. It’s really easy to take plain old white distilled vinegar and turn it into scented cleaning vinegars that make this already amazing cleaner even more powerful as well as mo...Read more »

  • How to choose the best virgin coconut oil
    Post time: 06-01-2020

    Do you have the slightest idea of how to choose the best virgin coconut oil for health benefits? I've tasted numerous brands of this unrefined coconut oil from various countries over the past 10+ years. Serious...Read more »

  • Why is recycling glass jars important?
    Post time: 05-26-2020

    Almost any packaging made from glass can be recycled. From glass jars for jam or pickle through to glass bottles for beer or spirits, when you finish the product inside, you don’t have to throw out the packaging, you can recycle it inste...Read more »

  • How to Measure Jars and Lids for the Perfect Match
    Post time: 05-18-2020

    We often hear from folks who have some bottles and jars, but need some new lids in order to re-use or re-purpose them. “How do I know what size lid will fit my jar?” This is the question we get asked quite a ...Read more »

  • 4OZ Square Spice Jars
    Post time: 05-18-2020

    COMPLETE SQUARE SPICE BOTTLES SET» 14 Square Empty Glass Spice Jars, Shaker Lids, Metal Caps and 2 kinds of Waterproof Spice Jar Labels ( Pre-printed Clear PVC labels, Chalkboard Labels, and Blank Labels), a collapsible silicone funnel t...Read more »

  • The Benefits of Kombucha Tea – 8 Evidence-Based
    Post time: 05-11-2020

    Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea — it's also rich in beneficial probiotics. Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria an...Read more »

    Post time: 04-27-2020

    Quick Answer: Sometimes, but many Mason jars are not meant to be put in the microwave. Many people assume that it's perfectly safe to heat Mason jars in the conventional or microwave oven, but there's a very good reason you ...Read more »

  • Glass Fermentation Weights for Fermenting in Wide Mouth Mason Jars
    Post time: 04-17-2020

    Reaping the benefits of fermented foods just got easier. These high-quality fermentation weights from Soligt allow you to create the perfect environment for all the best gut-healthy, inflammation busting bacteria without mol...Read more »

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